Wakey Wakey, Act 2.

Hi all,
It's been a while.
Firstly, thanks for reading - we've been tardy and you've stuck with us. Both Dickie and I have been swept off our feet with, unfortunately, other work/education/creative projects since Christmas. I've been working at Cast in Doncaster and have just been installed as their Literary Associate, plus hopefully doing something similar closer to home soon too. Dickie also has had a lot on his plate but he's completed his CELTA qualification and is now properly certified (not that way). This has meant that we've been unable to restart Write Club this term.
Write Club will be back after Easter on Thursday evenings in Nottingham at a venue TBC [YAY!].

Equally, we'll be presenting some rehearsed readings, under the new programme name Origins, in Nottingham in late May, these will include Bad Blood by Hugh Dichmont (finally!) and a new piece by Derby-based writer Emily Holyoake. More details will be be released soon but be reassured that these developments are exciting.

Thirdly, more writing events will be happening in Nottingham with Act 2 and other companies (including 6016 Theatre, although more about them later) after some mega interesting conversations that have been happening in the last few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for the name Scrap Iron, as that's what the evening's name has been mooted to be...

However, and finally, this has come at a cost. Now fully CELTA-fied, Dickie has decided to sojourn for a year to teach English in Taiwan and will be leaving at the end of April. Dickie has been a constant for Act 2 through both Quirksome and its independent running. He's been fastidiously organised when working on a project and a brilliant sounding board for ideas, alongside his writing and directing skills. He'll have a great time in Taiwan, I'm sure, and I'll have to make sure Act 2 is just as good without him by working doubly hard. With this in mind, I've married Act 2 up with my new writing work with 6016 (my company) to make it more easily manageable. He's been a rock and we'll miss him [sincere sad face].

I hope that you'll all keep following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, attending events and sending us scripts like I know y'all will.

Very best,