Hello and welcome to Act 2's online home,

It's been a while since we've updated on here and we've had a couple of exciting things happen in that time.

First, we performed 3 readings as part of the neat14 festival in Nottingham Playhouse's Neville Studio: Bad Blood by Hugh Dichmont, The Visit by Subika Anwar and Stasis by Emily Holyoake. The readings were really well attended and provoked some great conversations in the bar afterwards. We worked with some great actors on this project and their details can be found below and on our Archive page.

In further Nottingham Playhouse news, Write Club will be hosted at Cast at Nottingham Playhouse from early 2015. We haven't got a day or a start date yet but we'll update this as soon as we do. We're really pleased that we'll be in Cast as it retains that more informal feel to the sessions and there's coffee/beer/spirits (delete as appropriate) available. The work that comes out of Write Club will hopefully feed into a rehearsed readings programme in the Neville which Act 2 will programme alongside staff from Nottingham Playhouse. We've found this really ecciting as its validated what we are doing and given us a performance space in which we can perform work - which is what all the playwrights we speak to want!

I hope you are as excited about 2015 as we are now - and that you'll join us for Write Club if you can. Have a great festive period and I'll eat an extra mince pie just for you!


PS: below is some more info on the neat14 readings, if you're interested.

Gareth and the writers (from left: Emily, Subika and Hugh) after the neat14 readings

Bad Blood by Hugh Dichmont

Imran is back in Nottingham after university, with ideas how to save the family shop. With his parents stuck in their ways, he enlists an old schoolmate to help steal expired supermarket food: his ambition alienating him from the faith of those closest to him, threatening his dream of escape and putting himself at risk.

Imran - Bhavin Bhatt
Adil - Jas Steven Singh
Mum/Shona - Bhawna Bhawsar
Uncle Steve - Steve Conlin 

The Visit by Subika Anwar

Victor, a security guard on night shift duty at a hospital psychiatric ward, receives an unexpected visit from Kat, a young girl from a city close to his past. Visiting a so called relative, Kat also has something in store for Victor whose past has not been forgotten.

Victor - Jonny McClean
Kat - Sharan Phull

Stasis by Emily Holyoake

'Sometimes it feels like there's no air in here. Sometimes I think about where the air's coming from and it makes the centre of my chest hurt.'

A play about one woman, one hologram, four stasis cubes and a long way home.

Ren - Sylvia Robson
The Hologram - Michael Radford