Hi all,
As we mentioned in our last post, we are starting Write Club again for 2015. We'll be hosting a fortnightly event at Cast at Nottingham Playhouse every other Monday from 7pm - 9pm. We will also be getting a 15% discount on food and drink at the bar. Write Club is a free event but you must participate in the process when you attend.

To participate in Write Club as a writer please bring printed out copies of an extract of your script (about 15 minutes or 12 pages worth) with enough copies for you to have one plus all of the characters involved. We'll read this around the table and discuss ideas and thoughts. If you want to come down but are not a writer (i.e. an actor) you're very welcome but will be made to read a part in a script. We want to people to come down but participating in the event is vital.

This (Spring 2015) term's dates are:
26th January
9th February
23rd February
9th March
30th March (an extra week off before as this will be an "end of term" sharing session/I'm on holiday in Florence the week before)

7 - 9pm at Cast bar at Nottingham Playhouse.

If you need to ask any questions, please email us on act2playwriting@gmail.com.

Look forward to seeing some of you there.